Hardware and software products for industrial automation

PC-Based Testing

LED and HID Fixture Tester

Performs ground continuity, ground bond, hipot tests; captures input electrical characteristics measurements (LED and HID) and secondary circuit measurements (HID); communicates with wireless fixtures; interfaces with traceability database; tracks units tied to a production order.

Hardware Interfaces: PLC for low-level I/O and Hipot determinism; Hipot Tester; Power Analyzer; Barcode Scanners; Label Printers, Vision System

Software Components (.NET): Recipe Editor; Tester Software; Production Order Management; High-Level Instrument Interfaces; Traceability; Data Collection


Thermal Test Bench Console

Single software application controls tests running on independent test benches. Each test bench is instrumented with its own thermal test chamber, power supply, and data analyzer. Temperatures are monitored using an individual data acquisition unit or a data acquisition unit that is shared between two test benches. State machine architecture with thread creation for communication tasks allows responsiveness even when controlling large number of test benches. Test data are archived in remote database. Test reports are generated from test data using template test reports.

Hardware Interfaces: Thermal chambers; Power Supplies; Power Analyzers; Data Acquisition Multiplexers

Software Components (.NET): Tester Software; High-Level Instrument Interfaces; Test Data Archiving; Report Generation

Cooking Products End-Of-Line Tester

Network of 7 end-of-line testers for testing gas and electric cooking products. Test sequences are maintained at remote Data Server. Tests are accomplished by performing test sequence steps. Many test functions interface with control board in UUT using serial communication. Test results are shared among all testers so that a product can be tested after repair at any test station. Test results are also archived in remote results database.



Hardware Interfaces: PLC for low-level I/O and Hipot determinism; Hipot Tester; Current and Volts Transducers; Barcode Scanner; Ticket Printer; RS-232 and RS-485 communication devices

Software Components (.NET): Test Sequence Editor; Tester Software; High-Level Instrument Interfaces; Data Collection and Archival

Embedded Controller-Based Testers

Power Connector Regulatory Tester

Control regulatory tests (Current Cycling and Heat Rise) of power connectors using embedded controller for each test bed. Control current to achieve target temperature chage (CCT) or to maintain setpoint current (HRT). Construct temperature and resistance stability reports (CCT) from measured temperature and resistance values. Web-based user interface. Post test data and reports to remote computer for archiving in database.


Hardware Interfaces: National Instruments CompactRIO; Ametek PF1 SCR Controlled 480V-2000 Amp Transformer; Pearson current transformer and Dataforth Signal Conditioner; Thermocouple Input Module.

Software Components (LabVIEW, LabSocket-E, and Python): Tester Software (LabVIEW); Graphical User Interface (LabSocket-E); post test data to remote RESTful API and import to database (Python).

LED Driver Reliability Testers

Up to 16 groups of 5 LED drivers tested independently in thermal chamber. Cycle power to drivers and send commands to dim LEDs. Monitor current and compare with limits; failure if current not within limits. Log current, voltage, and temperature for 30 minutes leading to failure and for 2 minutes after failure.


Hardware Interfaces: National Instruments CompactRIO; RS-232 and RS-485 communication modules, temperature transmitter, current and voltage transducers.

Software Components (LabVIEW): Tester Software; LabVIEW Graphical User Interface on Windows PC connected to CompactRIO using network published shared variables.

PLC-Based Test and Assembly

Info coming soon.